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GRP provides notarial services in Rapperswil-Jona, often as part of comprehensive legal and tax consultancy.

Corporate Law

  • formation of public and private limited companies
  • capital increases and decreases
  • relocation of registered office, change of company name and purpose and other amendments to articles of association
  • resolutions on dissolution
  • restructuring of companies, such as mergers, spin-offs and conversions

Estate and Wealth Planning

  • marriage contracts and inheritance contracts
  • wills by public deed
  • advance care directive by public deed
  • establishment of foundations
  • contracts of surety obligations

Further Notarial Services

  • certification of signatures/marks by hand, authorisation of signatures in absentia, transcripts/copies, extracts, translations or dates
  • notarisation under international law, especially in accordance with German corporate and contract law (company acquisitions and financing, assignment and pledging of shares in private limited companies, transactions under the German Reorganisation Act, wills, marriage contracts and inheritance contracts)
  • notarisation of facts
  • deeds and legal transactions under other foreign law, such as the taking of oaths, statutory declarations, affidavits and similar forms of declaration

The notary office at GRP can be contacted at any time and is not bound by official fees.

In co-operation with our German partner, GRP also notarises declarations and legal transactions under German law.

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